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QUIZ: Do You Suffer From Depression Or Are You Just A Werewolf?

Hunter Gardner on public health and werewolves.

Update: Thomas and Sarah Are No Longer 2g4e

Humorist Hunter Gardner is back with a very important news alert.

Click Here: 13 Things You Should Do Before Reading This Vaguely Informative Article With A Leading Headline

There are 13 things you should do before clicking this link.

Pulp Fiction: Best Sport To Nap During; Experts React To Surprising Findings

Scholars discuss the merits of soccer as the most sleep-inducing sport.

Pulp Fiction: Man Enjoying Walk Suspected To Be Serial Killer

A man known for taking walks around his neighborhood was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Pulp Fiction: Bojangles' To Sue Every Restaurant Over Brunch Rights

The creator of "brunch" plans on suing every other restaurant that uses the term.

Pulp Fiction: Aspiring Young Professional Goes To Coffee Shop For Next Big Idea, Drinks Coffee

An ambitious twenty-something hypothesizes about his future in a local coffee shop.

Pulp Fiction: Breaking: Edwin McCain A Liar

The pop singer is not better now that he is older.

Pulp Fiction: "Cross Country" Epidemic Terrorizing High School Students

A silent pandemic has been invading the lives of hundreds of thousands of male high school students across the nation and has been cited as expanding exponentially like a recursive virus over the past decade. Cross country (a.k.a. “XC”) is said to start at a young age,

Pulp Fiction: 11:11 Wishes Come True; Teenage White Girls Rejoice

In a stunning moment, at 11:12 p.m. last night, magic occurred when all wishes made at 11:11 p.m. came true. An overwhelming majority of benefactors were teenage white females, mostly residing in suburban areas across the country. The good fortune, which has elated many, has people raving